Loot Rules

A few tips before each raid...

  1. • Never talk to the Agent of Change to start your own expedition unless the raid leader tells you to. This can cause pre-mature lockout timers to start or even waste entire raids.
  2. • Make sure you do not have a lockout for the current raid we are about to start (Alt + Z).
  3. • Always bind outside the Agent of Change before raids.
  4. • Open options (Alt + O) and enable auto-consent guild and raid.
  5. • In general, when you need a buff then send a tell to the appropriate class. Asking in Discord or raid chat channels is likely to be missed in addition to being a distraction.
  6. • Be at a Druid or Wizard spire before asking for a port. Send a tell (more likely to be seen) to a teleporter rather than using public channel broadcasts.
  7. • On guild raids, always set vendor loot to greed or never. Do not set vendor loot to need roll unless it's cleared beforehand (e.g. guild tradeskillers may be need rolling on tradeskill components that are used for the guild).




What System We Use

To keep our loot system streamlined, fair, and easy-to-understand we utilize a Spend-all/Suicide point system. Earning and spending points is very simple to grasp, and there are no catches or surprises.


How do I earn points?

As of now, all events earn a player 1 point. There are no subjective special circumstances to confuse the matter. However, we may revise this in the future to reward players for staying on long duration raids. But right now, every event you attend is simply 1 point.

New recruits will not be allowed to spend points for their initial 2 weeks in the guild. It's important to note that they can still get raid loot, however, and have priority over alts. (For the most part, new recruits get a lot of loot on their early raids.)

How do I spend points?

Points are always spent in an all-or-nothing fashion.

If an eligible item drops for your character, you notify the master looter when they ask. The winner of the item is simply the person with the most points. That winner uses any and all of their points, and once they are awarded the item their point total goes to 0.

If there is a tie amongst the bidders then an in-game /random will determine the winner.


What about my alts? What about all their boxes?

Very simply, it is one main character per person that earns and spends points on that same main character. However, alts and boxes can attend as long as they are not a hinderance, and they are welcome to loot rots or items that are otherwise passed over. On raids, alts should only roll greed on class upgrades.

Advantages of our Spend-all/Suicide point system

  • •Players are rewarded for attendence, while at the same time more casual players are not left far behind preventing them from acquiring desirable gear.
  • •No point inflation.
  • •No collusion to drive the price of items up or down.
  • •Fast and easy to understand and implement during active raids.
  • •Experienced raiders are likely to pass on minor items, thus allowing the raid force to gear up more evenly.

Armor Farming Events

Armor farm raids such as Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear are not considered traditional raids. As such, loot is generally handled in a need before greed /random. No point system will be utilized in this case. Likewise, this applies to the same armor loots en route to a boss. For example, you could spend points on a Dracoliche or Cazic Thule kill, but not on the armor from trash mobs even though all the loot dropped on the same raid.

Cash and Gem Drops

Attendees at raids should always roll Greed or Never on all cash/gem/junk drops. During raids, cash items are generally randomed to the attendees with a few exceptions. Such exceptions include items that are used to make items that are put right back into the guild such as black sapphires. Furthermore, guild funds are needed to pay for numerous items consumed on raids such as coffins, teleport reagents, and potions.

Can I Sell My Raid Loot?

The premise we are going on is that we are raiding for the guild, not personal gain. With that said, it's both reasonable and foreseeable that some tradeable loot will be won and eventually upgraded. However, this could easily be abused and we want to prevent both that type of person from applying to Council of Defiance as well as this ever appearing to be the case with our members.


To help accomplish that, members who win tradeable loot from raid bosses can never sell their tradeables unless it is being replaced with a higher best-in-slot (BIS) item. Furthermore, you can not sell the tradeable in-era. For example, if you win a Cloak of Flames during Classic, then you cannot sell it both because you will not replace it during Classic and you would have to wait until at least Kunark to even sell it. (The beauty of a a tradeable is that you can still lend it to a guildie if you did upgrade the item but cannot sell it because it's in-era loot.)

Who Can Roll on What?

We generally want a hands-off approach when it comes to loot. Our players are mature and, for the most part, quite reasonable.

Nonetheless, certain obvious restrictions will apply. For example, a Cloak of Flames is wearable by All/All but a wizard cannot win this unless it would otherwise be banked. These restrictions will be rare and only exist on very obvious items where one class (or classes) benefits marginally but another class benefits greatly. Otherwise, you are free to use your own best judgment to decide what to roll on for your character.

Epic & Quest Items

As most people in the guild desired, specialty quest items are handled in a unique fashion. Priority is given to members who have 75% or more attendance. Items that can be used by a number of classes can also be banked for people as needed.


No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em